Bonaire Update

Recipe for a Dive Trip

  • 5 friends who want to learn to scuba dive
  • 2 friends who know how to scuba dive
  • 2 friends who wind surf and scuba dive
  • 1 Caribbean island
  • 2 rooms and 2 houses
  • 9 return flights
  • 3 rental trucks
  • 10 days

Take 7 friends who want to go scuba diving and mix them with 2 friends who want to go wind surfing and scuba diving.  Mix until a decision is made on where to go and then add in 1 Caribbean island.  Set aside and whip up accommodations of 2 rooms and 1 house at the Carib Inn and 1 house on the beach.  Add 9 return flights and 3 rental trucks.  Combine and bake in the sun for 10 days.

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