“Are you getting excited?”

I have been asked this question a number of times over the past week or so. I never seem to have a really good answer.

The only time I have been SUPER excited to go on a trip recently was when we were heading to Bonaire with all our scuba diving friends. For some reasons, I was very excited to leave. I knew what the trip was all about – scuba diving, water, beach, hot weather. We were going with folks we enjoyed being with. So, I was excited and I allowed myself to be excited.

Murray always says not to get too excited in case the actual trip does not live up to expectations. What if I get really excited to see lots of lions and then we don’t actually see a lion? Is the trip a bust then? If there are no heavy expectations, then everything is a boon.

For me sometimes, the excitement starts once we get to our destination. I am not excited about the 2 ten hour flights to get to Tanzania. The first couple of days at our destination are always an adjustment period of figuring out what to eat, how to dress, safety matters, a different culture and getting over the jet lag.

Am I getting excited? Ask me again when we get to Tanzania!

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