11 Sleeps…

I can feel our departure date looming, so I start counting sleeps. 11 sleeps.

We are attending to our many lists. The “Before Leaving” list is mostly crossed off except for the items that need doing on the last few days. The “House Sitter” list is edited for a couple of new items and ready for my get together with the person who is house sitting for us.

The “Words to Learn” list has been transcribed into my pocket notebook ready for the Tanzanian and Botswana versions. We always write the words phonetically so we know how to pronounce them.

10 sleeps to go

The “Packing List” is mostly either crossed off or check-marked. Just those items that can’t be packed until the last moment are left. We will go through the list to double check we have everything when we do our final pack.

……9 sleeps……..

The “Travel Budget” for cash required on the trip is finalized. I have transferred it onto our netbook to take with us. For this trip we are going to keep track of what we spend. On previous trips we haven’t kept close track of money spent. We just count how much we leave with and come home with and the difference is what we spent. This trip we want to know how well we have estimates food, transport, tipping and scuba diving costs, so the spreadsheet is coming with us and we will enter exactly what we spend.

We are well prepared for our trip and now it is just a matter of counting sleeps…8 sleeps

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