And the Bags Weigh……….

We finish packing, cinch up the bags and Murray weighs them. Murray’s bags weigh a total of 28 lbs – 18 lbs for the carry-on and 10 lbs for his “purse”. My bags weigh in at a mere 23 lbs – 19 lbs and 4 lbs. This weight includes clothes to wear in Abbotsford for the convocation which will travel back to Alberta with M&G. Not bad!

Precision Air, South African Airways and Air Botswana only allow one piece of hand luggage. So even though we may meet the weight requirements for our larger bag on some airlines (22, 18 and 15 lbs respectively), we may not be allowed two pieces of hand luggage. I have noticed that this restriction is usually due to small airplane cabins where there just isn’t the room for a carry-on larger than a purse.

We are definitely under the weight limits for checked luggage!

Coastal Aviation has a 33 lbs total luggage limit per person, which we are definitely under. The Botswana safari information we received indicates that the weight limit for our flight is 44 lbs total per person. We are under that one too.

We have done all the paring down, packing and repacking that we can do. It is now up to the airline gods as to whether we will be able to fulfill our goal of carrying on our two bags each.

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