Almost Gone!

We let out our held breath on Tuesday afternoon when our duffel bag arrived. It gets unpacked from its box and then packed up with all our dive gear and travel “stuff”. We get everything into the duffel and the one wheeled suitcase, that we will be checking. We are right on the weight limits, so we may be holding our breath again when we check into Fiji Airways for our domestic flight to Kadavu Island.

Yesterday there was an article in our local newspaper about a cyclone hitting Fiji. Floods! Deaths! Washed out roads! Flooded cities! Oh my!

We know that sometimes the news doesn’t tell the whole picture, and maybe the news gets sensationalized. We decide to email our resort contact to see if the resort is operational and whether we can still get to it.

An email arrives today saying that it is 100% operational and it was only a “big blow” of a storm. They did not dive for one day and at that moment, the guests were enjoying supper on the veranda. The divers that day said that the visibility was low, but they saw so many seahorses they lost count. I think we will be okay.

We are packed and only the last minute items need to be done before we are off tomorrow. See you on the other side.

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