And We’re Off

Today we round the first corner. Everything goes smooth.

Yesterday when I tried to check in on line there was a question. ‘Are you traveling with any of the dangerous goods listed?’ Listed is lithium batteries. I, trying to be legit, answered yes. There is not a person alive who does not have lithium batteries these days. This of course, if everyone reads the message and answers honestly, preempts any possibility of checking in early because as soon as one answers, yes, a screen comes up and says you have to check in at the desk, throwing things back in time and making for the possibility of horrendous line ups at the airline desk.

We dutifully show up at the desk as prescribed. Weird, we are the first and only people in line. I ask the lady about the lithium battery thing and she says ‘Oh, just answer No to that question. It is for folks that don’t know that lithium batteries can only be in a carry on and for people that don’t understand the difference between a computer battery and a construction tool battery.’ I’m a bit puzzled as it was a phone battery that caused a fire on a plane a few weeks ago. BUT from now on we are not carrying any dangerous goods as listed.

Security, no line; plane, on time; US security, zip; US customs, super guy; plane, as noted on the boarding pass; taxi, there and waiting for as ordered; hotel, all in order.

We sit on the 14th floor of the Ramada Plaza in Waikiki waiting for the sun to come up.


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