Africa Safari – Just Go!

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This is my last post on Africa. I want to tell you that if you have ever dreamed of, or have always been interested in, seeing all the animals we usually see in a zoo in their natural habitat, JUST GO ON SAFARI!

I have wanted to go to Africa for a very long time, perhaps since I was a child. Murray has wanted to go to Zanzibar since his stamp collecting days. We went and we could not have asked for a better experience. People use the phrase “a trip of a life time” and I actually dislike it, but in this case, it was a trip of a life time for me.

The safari in Tanzania was great. Assured animal sightings, excellent lodges, fabulous safari company and guide. Seeing our first animal – a giraffe – just inside the park gates of Tarangire National Park was just so thrilling. It is amazing that a single giraffe was able to illicit such a reaction!

If the safari in Tanzania was great, the one in Botswana was awesome. We saw so much “animal behavior” as we sat in the truck and just chilled with the animals. Our guide was amazing and was also so very interested in what we were witnessing.

The animals were fantastic. They were brilliantly colored, graceful in their movement, entertaining and informative. We have so many wonderful memories of elephants, giraffes, cheetahs, zebras, hippos, leopards and lions just doing what they do in the wild. If you have ever wanted to go to Africa to see these creatures, just go.


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