“Admin” Morning, Exploring in the Afternoon

Yesterday, we found out one of our Lion Air fights had been cancelled. We tried to reschedule the flight and the connecting flights but their website wasn’t cooperating and, since it was Sunday, we couldn’t phone them. Thus, it was our morning chore today.

The fellow at the Sama’s Cottages reception was a great help in trying to phone Lion Air’s office in Denpasar. Unfortunately, they could not help us and told us we had to phone the call center in Jakarta. After trying unsuccessfully for an hour to get through, we had to come up with an alternate plan. Instead of a taxi ride into Denpasar, we opted to try a local ”travel agent”. The fellow at reception gave us a location of one which was within walking distance.

We walked to Global Bali Expert (at the Bintang Supermarket) and were helped by the owner. He graciously phoned Lion Air and got all the flights sorted out. We now have to rearrange hotels, but that is easy. He charged us 100,000 Rupiah for the phone call, which we happily paid. If you are ever in Ubud and need somewhere to change money, extend a visa or fix an airline gaffe, please go there.

Monkey Forest, Ubud

Our exploring this afternoon took us down Monkey Forest Road, past, you guessed it, the Monkey Forest. We did not go in but caught some sightings of monkeys on the outer wall and around the entrance. Saw one monkey grabbing at a woman’s purse and then at a guy’s bag wanting food.

Agung Rai Museum of Art

Past the Monkey Forest we found The Agung Rai Museum of Art. There are two buildings, one with traditional artwork, and one with modern. Murray and I liked the modern better but both appreciated the detailing in the traditional pieces. We wandered the grounds amongst the foliage, pools, stream and other buildings. We came across a fellow playing a musical instrument and he offered for me to join him, so I did. We played for a few minutes and then we continued on our way.

My feet were glad when we arrived back at our little cottage. I dunked myself in the pool to cool off and now here I sit with my feet, still complaining, dangling off the floor.

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