A Comedy of Errors



First dive of the day. We have descended below the boat. B swims over to me and shows me her empty wrist. No dive computer. No problem, we will share mine. I make pantomime motions indicating that we will both use mine. We carry on.

We follow our dive master to a canyon,  descend through the tall walls watching for interesting creatures. Once on the bottom, at about 110 feet, we point ourselves upward and swim to the top of the wall again.

Porcupine fish

Porcupine Fish

After a short time, our dive master motions to me that she is going to the surface to look for the boat. Oops….slightly misplaced. She locates it and comes back down.

We start to swim in the direction of the boat. Murray indicates he is getting low on air so he ascends to do his safety stop. B and I remain lower and under him. Murray surfaces well short of the boat as his air is low. B and I do our safety stop as we travel below Murray who is leading us to the boat. After a good swim we climb aboard the boat.

While chatting about the dive, Murray realizes he has my dive computer on and I have his on.

Forgotten and mixed up dive computers make for a comedy of errors on our first dive.

Spotted moray

Spotted Moray

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