What NOT to take backpacking!

One of these things is not like the others

One of these things does not belong

We have been practice hiking in Edmonton’s river valley with our backpacks. To make up the appropriate weight in our packs, we throw in an assortment of items.

We pack up for our backpack to Glacier Lake without fully unpacking our backpacks. After we finish packing we weigh them and I am surprised to find my pack weighs in at 30 lbsĀ  as I thought we had gotten my pack weight to about 25 lbs.

As we are unpacking our packs at the lake and I pull out the fly for our tent. I go to pull out my sleeping bag, and guess what is nestled between those two layers? A SIX PACK OF CANNED TUNA! ^@$%#$#%#*##&#%#$@%!!!! No wonder my pack is heavier than we expected! I carried about 3 lbs of useless tuna (we had no can opener) up to the lake and, guess what, now I have to carry it down again!

Murray enjoys this a great deal for two solid days chuckling, laughing and guffawing at my goof up.

LESSON LEARNED: Start with an empty backpack each time we pack for a trip! NO TUNA!

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