We Ride into Copenhagen!

Our ride starts out with a flat tire. And then my bike computer starts to act up, so our mileage for navigating gets thrown out. But we progress towards Copenhagen and ride down country roads and forested bike paths along most of the way.

We realized yesterday that we will be riding right past the Arken Museum of Modern Art, so we stop. There is a Van Gogh exhibit on. It is an extensive collection of his work from a particular collector.  I am always thrilled to see works from one of the masters. There are also other artist exhibits in the museum which were very interesting, especially one of 45 clowns showing 45 emotions. I think that after the museum is closed they come alive and dance and frolic until the first security guard shows up in the morning, and then they sit back down again all in different places.

We reach our hotel in Copenhagen after getting lost at the least twice. The bikes are packed away and our bike suitcase is packed with the bike gear. We are ready for a few days of exploring Copenhagen.

Here are some statistics about our ride through Denmark.

Kilometres ridden:  890

Kommunes (like counties) crossed:  at least 36

Ferries taken:  3

Trains taken:  3

Cars ridden in 0

Large Bridges crossed on bikes:  8

Total days / days riding / rest days:  23 / 16 / 7

Hills climbed: Too many!

Islands visited:  8

Rainy ride days: 2

Hostels / B&B / Hotels nights stayed in:  4 / 7 / 12

Tubes of Danish Voltaren used to ease sore bodies:  1

Numbers of tired legs after all that riding:  4

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