Utila – Starting to Pack

As we were brushing our teeth this morning, I mentioned to Murray that we should start our packing process this weekend.  It is only three weeks until we leave.  We may be going to the mountains next weekend, so I figure we should get at it. Laying out stuff also helps to build excitement for the trip.

Are we excited yet?

I printed off our famous packing lists – Clothing, Important Documents, First Aid, Other Stuff, Scuba Diving and Toiletries. As I have mentioned before, all our lists are pasted onto one sheet with four columns. I also printed off the Before Leaving List and a new list I created last year called House Check.

The House Check list is some notes to be left in the kitchen reminding the person who checks our place what to do.  Items such as take in the mail, water the plants, check basement for water, shovel the snow. I also added two headings called “Date” and “Condition” where I asked the house checker to jot down the date and state of the house.  This is strictly for insurance purposes in case anything were to happen as we would have proof that the house was being checked regularly.  I don’t know for sure whether this is required, but I think it is a good idea.  CYA.  The list is now posted under the Packing List Menu item and is called House Check.

The first thing I did once the lists were printed was to cross off the obvious items that we will not need.  Bike Cable Lock, Toilet Paper, Toque/Gloves, Long Underwear, Entry Visa, Vaccination Certificates. Murray and I will do this again together, but I thought I would jump on it.

That is where we stand now and will continue with the packing tomorrow. See you then!

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