Unusual Critters

The other day, I mentioned in the post that I hoped to see unusual critters when we dive in Lembeh. Right now I am stunned by how many weird, creepy, surprising and unknown creatures we saw on our first two dives. I take so many pictures that the battery in my camera runs out. Guess tomorrow I take both batteries and change them between dives.

We know that we might see a Hairy Frogfish, and we saw two! They mostly walk as they are very awkward swimmers. Their little feet/fins plod along the bottom oh so slowly.

Hairy Frogfish at Lembeh
Hairy Frogfish

Murray and I love watching mantis shrimp and take many photos of their colourful sectioned backs. Today one is peeking out of its hole in the sand and I grab a shot of its underside. It looks like an alien!

Mantis Shrimp
Mantis Shrimp

There are jelly fish here. There are many different shapes and sizes and kinds. We spot this rather large and intimidating one as we ascend to the surface on our first dive. Luckily, none of the jellyfish we encounter are poisonous, but I still did not get too close.


And finally, a pretty fish! It is a Bangai Cardinalfish. After looking at so many greenish earth tone weird creatures it is a pleasure to spot this colourful fish.

Bangai Cardinalfish
Bangai Cardinalfish

I wonder what we will discover tomorrow?

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