Travel Mode

Murray and I have a verbal cue when we usually get to the first boarding gate as we embark on a long trip. It is “Travel Mode”, which means relax, we can handle anything that is thrown at us, go with the flow, we will get there.

Today, we have to cue into Travel Mode before we have even left the house. An email arrived about an hour ago saying our KLM flight has been delayed two and a half hours. Breathe in and slowly out. That means we have missed our connection in Amsterdam to Copenhagen and we are arriving in Copenhagen much later than we wished.

The plan when we reach Copenhagen is to take the train from the airport to the Central Train Station, buy train tickets for the next day to Vordingborg, walk to the hotel, rebuild our bikes, pack our panniers and then sleep. Now we have a much shorter time to do all that in.

We are headed to the Tonder Music Festival in southern Denmark. We have five days to ride there, island hopping along the way. We have laid out our route and where we are staying each night to ensure we arrive in Tonder on Sept 22, the day before the music starts. We may be adjusting this plan depending on what happens in the next 36 hours.

Stay tuned and remember………Travel Mode.

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