Travel Mode

Murray and I have a saying and it is “Travel Mode”. We tell each other this during a trip, especially at the start of a long trip. It means we can handle anything that happens, we can deal with it calmly, diplomatically and respectfully. Travel is sometimes about overcoming obstacles and any obstacle can be hurdled with the right attitude. Everything will work out in the end. Our trip to Indonesia, using Lion Air, is a good example of using travel mode.

I didn’t sleep well last night, as is usual for me the night before an alarm has to go off at a time like 4:50am. When it does go off we are both awake already so we jump out of bed, shower, dress, cinch down bags and cross off lists and still have 10 minutes to spare before the taxi arrives.

Out first hurdle is the key in the front door gets stuck. Got that resolved. Second hurdle, which isn’t really a hurdle, is a very cautious cab driver, overly cautious I would say. Drove me crazy! But we still got to the airport in the allotted time. Cruised through check-in and security.

It is amazing how once we get to the gate, all my anxiety just drops away. We are on our way and it’s travel mode now. 

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