Travel Adapters for Electrical Outlets

We got stung when we went to India and Bhutan because we didn’t thoroughly check what type of electrical outlet adapters we needed. We did have fun shopping for an adapter in Darjeeling and it all worked out in the end so it wasn’t a total bomb.

We learned our lesson and so I am now researching what kind of plugs are used in Tanzania, Botswana, South Africa (we are flying through there from Tanzania to Botswana) and Zanzibar. There are tons of websites to look at, it is a matter of which ones to believe.

Type CType D plug

One website suggests to bring both “D” (BS 546) and a “G”  (BS 1363) type adapters for Tanzania.  The “D” is 3 round plugs with one being thicker than the other two. We don’t specifically have one of those. Although we have a couple with only 2 plugs. Murray says the third plug is the ground, so we don’t really need it. We can probably make due with a 2 prong plug. The “G” is 3 rectangular plugs, 2 horizontal and one vertical.  We have one of these. They do not mention Botswana.

Type CType G plug

Another website lists all the countries of the world and voltage, frequency, plug and comments. The site says that in Botswana plugs are type “M” (BS 546), and that type “G” may be found, but are rare.  South Africa also uses “M”. I noticed that even though it is an “M”, the “BS 546” is the same as a “D”. Interesting. The picture shows that the plugs are alot further apart. The site confirms the “D” and “G” for Tanzania.

Type CType M plug

As far as voltages go, Botswana has 231V and Tanzania and 230 V. Both our camera battery chargers and the netbook cords all have inputs of 100-240V, so we are good to go.

Being not sure where to go in Edmonton to find unusual adapters, I ask the ladies I swim with as the group is very well traveled. The AMA, The Source and Luggage Unlimited were suggested. My next job is to hunt down an “M” adapter.

I stop at a Luggage Unlimited store and inquire about an M plug. They do not sell these separately, but it looks like there is one in a package of 6 adapters for about $60. I decide to pass. Murray and I discuss the options when I get home and decide to live dangerously and not buy one here. We will wait until we get to Botswana and either borrow one or buy one.

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  1. Jane & Randy Murchison says:

    Hotels will most likely have the adapters- even in Siem Reap!

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