It all started yesterday when Debbie woke up and had decided she should go to the dentist. She is in pain. One of her teeth is throbbing and hurts even more when she taps it. We dive and then head off to the dentist office. There is an appointment open for 10am this morn so we are off.

Never been to a dentist in any other city, much less a country other than our home town. We got a recommendation from the hotel manager who just happened to be at the front desk when we went to ask. Dr. Robinson is the card we draw.

Nice office. Not over the top fancy but looks dentist officeish enough. There is a salt water fish tank where one of the larger fish is busy munching on one of the smaller fish. The law of the jungle even applies to a microcosm 3′ X 2′ X 2 1/2′. There is some constuction going on behind the building where the office is and the power tools add some extra drama sitting in the waiting room.

Debbie returns from the inner sanctum ¬†and the dentist declares she will live and probably the whining will cease as well. (Note from Debbie – there has been NO whining!) The last part was my addition, he was far too nice to say that. The appointment, diagnosis and prescription cost $90 EC, about $45 in Canadian funds. The drugs cost $9.50, ($4.75C). The insurance plan I think will like us for having things resolved in a foreign land. If we were in the States they might have made us come home. It will still cost them another trip to the dentist when we are home but we’ll deal with that when we get there.

We have found the portions of food to be too large to eat 3 meals a day so we have been trying to eat less at lunch and save a bit of room for dinner. Fran’s Patisserie and a chicken roti was the order of the day. Tasty but only enough chicken to allow for the word to be used on the menu board. The Coke was pretty standard.

Roseau, Dominica

A street in downtown Roseau

A wander through town to see what is about. There is not much glitz on the island. For me I like to wander places that have not been touristized. This is how the people live. I like the town as it is a bit disorganized and in a state of disrepair but it functions and everyday life happens. There are not very many people leaching off the system here. We do get propositioned a few times but the people seem to be gainfully employed and going about what they do for living.

Roseau, Dominica

Repurchased ancient building

Chill day and it is back in the water tomorrow. The tooth pain has subsided a bit but my travel companions are getting lazy and I may have to whip them into shape, we only have a few more days on “Nature’s Island” and we have to make the best of it.

Slave Market, Roseau, Dominica

Slave Market location

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