The Simple Things

I have been thinking about light and photography lately. This morning, in Canmore, the sun is shining through the living room windows. I get my camera. I start shooting.

IMG_5648 (640x523)I love how the sunlight illuminates the silver pot and also highlights the Christmas Cactus. The bright red adds a zap.

IMG_5663 (640x527)At home, we get shadows playing across our walls from the trees and the front door. We are always marveling at the wall art. I see that the wall art has followed me to the mountains.

IMG_5662 (427x640)This is my favorite. See how the light accents the bird’s beak, neck, back and wing. Wood shows off the light wonderfully.

IMG_5654 (522x640)As I was eating my breakfast, I was studying this birdhouse out the back. The roof is rusting, making it blend in to its environment hoping for some small inhabitants.


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