The Hippo and the Crocodile

A Folk Story from Botswana….

The hippo wanted to come live in a pool, but there was a crocodile there already. The hippo asked the croc if he could come live in the pool and the croc said, “But you will eat all my fish.” The hippo replied that he wouldn’t because he only eats grass. They discussed this for a time and finally the croc suggested that the hippo go ask the creator.

The hippo went to the creator and asked if he could live in the pool with the croc and the creator said, “But you will eat all the croc’s fish”. The hippo explained that he only ate grass. The creator said, “But how will I know you are only eating grass and not eating the fish too?” The hippo told the creator that he would poop on the land and the creator will see that there are no fish bones in his poop. So the creator allowed the hippo to live in the pool.

After a time, the croc went to the creator and said that fish were disappearing from the pool. The creator immediately went to the hippo. The hippo said “Check my poop! Surely you can see that I have not been eating any fish!” The creator checked and agreed that the hippo was not eating any fish. “But who is eating the fish?” the creator asked.

The hippo agreed to help the creator search for the culprit eating the fish and that is why the hippo can be seen in the pool with only eyes, ears and nose above the water. He is watching for the fish thief.

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