Taking Shape

Plan B is being molded into quite a good tour. We have confirmed our stay at two different dive resorts and managed to get the connecting flight that will transfer us from the island of Viti Levu, the main island of Fiji, to Kadavu Island.

The first resort at which we will reside is the Volivoli. (They seem to repeat a lot of words in Fiji) The Volivoli is connected to the dive boat on which we were to sail and we are hooked up by the group that was taking care of the live-a-board reservations. It is easy to do. The place is rather fancy by our standards but it will cost less then the yacht so we will have some funds to distribute to the second land based dive resort.

A week there and we catch a flight to Kadavu and the Matana Beach Resort. A smaller resort somewhat oriented to divers but not exclusive. We chose it because it is close to two villages and we think we can get an idea of how the locals live, so to speak. Although not as expansive of coverage, the area accessible for diving from here is the same area the Aggressor live-a-board plys.

As trip is now land based we should get a much better idea of “Fiji”. When you are on the water it is hard to get a feel for what the country is like. As we are likely to visit Australia at least once more during our kids tenure there, Fiji seems like a good stopover and having an idea as to the layout of the land we should be able to find a few more places worth diving and visiting.

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