Sunny Mistaya

When the sky begins to lighten we realize the sun is going to be visible. It a clear morning except for the clouds attached to the peaks. It is a day to go above treeline. The avalanche hazard is high but we are not going anywhere that might slide.

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The group meeting determined that all who are going out this morning are going to head in the same direction. Mista Vista is the goal. The vision is good when we all get to the top and we can see the entire area available to ski.

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Here we split. J and I go over the end of Mista Vista, a very short, very steep pitch. J watches me ski just to make sure I don’t get into any trouble but I disappear over the crest and he doesn’t really see much of the run. I get to the bottom turn around to watch him and I can’t see him until he gets over the crest. Not exactly protocal but you can only do what you can do.

IMG_2234 (427x640) IMG_2227 (427x640)

It’s noon and time to eat but J and I decide to make a few turns before we take a break. The snow is great, the slope is easy and turns are smooth. I can’t stress enough how big a smile these situations produce. Perma grin. Beyond where we stop is another 100 or so turns but we thought where we were was a nice spot for lunch so we stomped out a small spot and dined with the most spectacular sunny scenery.

IMG_2222 (640x428) IMG_2258 (640x427)

The sun has been out and it has begun to affect the snow. Our next turns are in heavier snow. Still very skiable but more work. Skin up and we go back to the top looking for the lighter snow. J and I yoyo two more runs but since we are on KP tonight we thought it best to head back.

IMG_2250 (640x427) IMG_2263 (640x440)

Took a bit of a wrong turn and missed a few turns on the way out but most of the run back is knee deep.

I have mixed feelings about the sun. It is great to have vision and be able to go above the trees but it does affect the snow.

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