Solomon Islands – All Tied Up

It has been a long time since we have traveled without having the trip laid out in detail ahead of time. Don’t know why but it seems with the internet it is too easy to reserve all the air flights, all the hotels, all the dive excursions and, if required, all the side tours on line thereby avoiding any adventure trying to solve problems upon arrival at some destination. This also eliminates the spontaneity that leads to wonderful unexpected discoveries.  I do like the fact we can be efficient with the use of our time away and not have to spend energy and  1/2 days finding a hotel for a few nights, but I do miss the adventure and the solving of puzzles that I associate with travel in the past.

Yesterday we booked the last single day we had open for our trip to the South Pacific. There was one day when we arrive on the Solomon Islands before we are to board the live-a-board dive boat when we need a hotel. For some reason this detail had slipped through the cracks and if we not figured it out we would have had to use some of the old skills acquired pre internet to find an abode for the night, heaven forbid. Anyway our omission is found and we have a place. Now the only thing that will cause ‘adventure’ is if some part of our plan goes awry. I’m not saying we won’t have a good time it is just the path we follow is going to be much more predictable.

We are going to expend a lot of energy on the dive boat in the Solomon’s and Debbie wanted to pamper herself with a rest on an island where the only habitation is the resort at which we are booked. Don’t think we will learn much about Solomon Island culture but it will be “holiday”, something we rarely do.

The other place we booked on the Solomon’s is in the largest city. Not very big really and it is easy enough to get into the hinterlands so we will get a bit of what the place is like.

We did learn that it is expensive and difficult to travel the islands. The road system is poor and the islands are quite small so in order to travel you have to take pricey airplanes or ride on iffy watercraft.

Anyway, we are now tied to a schedule. There are still loose ends, like malaria pills, and getting an online Australian visa but for the most part the plans are made and we are headed south.

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