Smiles All Around, Day 2 David Henry Lodge

David Henry LodgeIt’s cloudy. That is good in my opinion. At this time of year the heat from the sun has a huge effect on the snow. It makes it mushy in the day, at night it freezes leaving an annoying crust to ski through.

We’re off to Park Bowl. It’s just over the border of Mount Robson Park. Yesterday’ ski in Powder Pig Bowl revealed a dense snow that requires a bit more slope to ski, so we are looking for an area where the terrain tips up a bit more.


As we pop out of the trees the bowl comes into view and there is a north facing ridge wide enough to yo-yo all day. The round trip up and down takes about 1 hour and we managed 3 runs with a short lunch break around noon. With one last up track we set ourselves up for what turns out to be an outstanding outrun.

I am forever amazed at the smiles on everyone’sĀ face after a day like this. We are all tuckered and the amount of energy around the cabin this evening is about zero.

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