Seeking Hammerheads

Today we experience some of the toughest diving we have ever encountered. We dive a number of sites off Wolf Island. We hope to see hammerhead sharks. On one dive we back roll off the panga in calmer waters, descend and swim (with our right shoulder to the wall) a bit down the wall. We reach a point and the surge, going up and down the wall as well as along the wall, is massive. We swim with the surge and when the surge changes direction, we grab onto a rock and hold on for dear life. So much for taking pictures. This continues for about 10 holds and we hit a depth and place along the wall where the current changes to a manageable intensity. The other dives today are similarly challenging and our skills are tested.

Trumpet Fish

Trumpet Fish

We keep looking for schools of hammerheads to swim past in the blue but they seem to be elsewhere today. This is THE SPOT to see hammerheads. Where are they?

We do see another sea lion who gives Murray a good look before twirling away in the current. We also see Moray Eels, lots of them. Turtles. Spotted Eagle Rays. Puffer fish, Trumpet fish, Star fish. The currents and surges give no opportunity for seeking out small stuff like gobies, crabs, slugs and blennies.

Star FishIt was a day of hard diving, learning and wishing for hammerheads.

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