Road Blocks down to Little Cayman Island

The pressure of travel is reduced on our first leg of travel as we are only flying to Houston. No tight connections to make. Travel through the Edmonton airport, on the flight and through the Houston airport is easy, we get road blocked waiting for our free shuttle ride to the hotel. We are told the shuttle will be 15 minutes. At 30 minutes we phone again. Oh, in 10 minutes it will be there. Phone again. 10 minutes. At the 1 3/4 hour mark, the shuttle shows up. No explanation, no sorry, just a frustrated look on the driver’s face. Well, it is free.

While we watch every other hotel shuttles drive by numerous times, the sky gets furious and spews rain, lightning and thunder over our heads. The rain does not abate by the time we are at the hotel so we ask at the desk where we can eat that is close by. The clerk tells us that the sister hotel across the parking lot offers supper for $5. Pasta, marinara sauce, meatballs, salad, soup, dessert, juice, wine, beer……all for $5!!! And it is pretty tasty!

We sleep like rocks and are now sitting at gate E3 waiting for our fight to Grand Cayman. And….another road block. The sky is still furious. The weather gods have not been appeased and are now spewing forth lightning enough to close the runways. We are delayed. It is now pins and needles whether we make our connection on Cayman Airways over to Little Cayman Island.


After pleading with the flight attendant to let us off the airplane first, getting off first, running through immigration, customs and the Grand Cayman airport we are 5 minutes late for the flight to Little Cayman. It is the Comfort Suites on Seven Mile Beach for tonight. A dip in the ocean and supper of jerk chicken makes life good again.

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