Retirement Busy

We have been remiss in out postings lately. I had often heard retired people say that they are busier in retirement than they were during their working lives.  Right now, I agree with this statement.

On top of planning a trip to Africa, which we will update you in the next post, we are starting to do some much needed work on our house. I think what happens is that this work is ignored while full time jobs occupy time and energy.  Once those are gone, there is time to think about and actually do these house projects.

Murray and I are not the eager house repair kind of people.  We would much rather be out skiing or riding or traveling. We finally checked one item off our list of must dos.  We put in a new bathroom sink last weekend.  Looks pretty darn good now.  Took us most of the day, but it got done!

Next on the list is to replace the drywall around the downstairs shower with cement board. The contractor who had done the renovations in the house did not do this properly and now we have to tear it apart and do it right. Murray was funny because as soon as we were done with the sink upstairs, he wanted to go downstairs to check out where the studs were in the bathroom.  He was already thinking about how to do the downstairs bathroom.

We are also planning on replacing the flooring upstairs.  And while we have all the furniture etc out, we might as well paint. The house is decorated in early 1990’s decor from my previous life and it is time to make the space Murray’s and mine. So, we need a concept.  I am taking the lead on this project while Mur takes the lead on Africa. I am fighting with the concept right now. Murray says design is frustrating, and it is. I think I have a concept and will test it with floor samples etc this week. It is a grain of an idea and hopefully it will flower nicely.

Murray has been hauling up all the old unused stereo equipment from the basement that got relegated down there when we combined our households. No use having two stereos. He is testing it all to make sure it works and then will list it on the web to sell it. If it doesn’t sell there, we will sell it in the garage sale we plan to have in June, which is a result of the purging that we have done since retiring.

All this on top of working abit and exercising alot and trying to post to the blog. Who ever said retirement was boring??

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