Ready, Set, Go

It is not that going on a kayak trip is really much different than any other adventure. Maybe closer to a backpacking trip to anything else. But are we ever out of practice. We usually pack a week or so ahead of time just so we can walk by the pile and take stuff, we have added because we might need it, out. This time we are packing early because we can’t remember what we need.

Debbie has about 4 different lists, from the one supplied by Footprint BC to our regular ‘we are leaving the house’ list. Our basement is set up in four piles. Kayaking stuff, camping stuff, clothes specifically for the kayak camping trip on Desolation Sound and clothes for camping to and from the coast. Each pile is at least knee deep. After all we are car camping so we can take as much as we want, except on the tour. The big restriction is living out of the car, we have to make sure we have access to all we need. We can bury things but only what will not be needed except at a specific time. There are a couple of other piles upstairs as well, a food pile that still has to be topped up and the ubiquitous electronics, mostly a modern day nuisance but unfortunately a requirement, even for me.

Up until we were sequestered we could pack with our eyes closed but this 6 month social distancing from our travel bags has caused a disconnect. I’m hoping in time we can again pack without humming and hawing but we may never again achieve the efficiency we had only a short time ago.

In one day we are off, all packed or not.

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