Plan B

Glub, glub goes our plan A. Plan B? We don’t have a plan B. Once we decided to go the live-a-board route our investigations ceased. So, developing a Plan B is our next objective.

We have 2 weeks in Fiji so we hope to work out a week each at two different dive areas and see what Fiji has to offer. I have kept the links to the resorts from my previous research in the bookmarks of my internet browser. I find the 4 or 5 I thought worth our time to look into and Debbie starts to investigate. The folks at the Fiji Siren office have a business relationship with the Volivoli Resort and our contact has offered to get us a price to stay and dive there during the dates we will be in Fiji.

We think by choosing two places to dive in different areas of Fiji we should get a pretty good overview. It also leaves open the possibility of going to another island if, or more like when, we are on our way to Aus once again. In the long run this will probably give us more extensive coverage than the live-a-board we had thought we were going on in the first place. And there are another couple of other live-aboard boats plying the Fijian waters, we canĀ  book a trip aboard one of those if the opportunity arises.

We have answers back from our ubiquitous emails and are in the process of evaluating the responses and trying to coordinate flights and transport to different islands to see what options are available to us.

PS The Fiji Siren did in fact sink. It contacted something in deep water and started to take on water. All the passengers and crew got off the Siren with lots of time and no panic. In the end it was decided that the boat could not be salvaged and it sunk to the depths. So sad.

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