Pipestone in the Rocky Mountains

This morning we head to Pipestone, near Lake Louise to cross country ski with our friends J&R. It is a 13 km single track ski loop winding through the forest. The track climbs and climbs for about 8 km and then makes a quick descent back to the parking lot.

Pipestone Ski Trail (photo by RM)

The sky is pristine blue for the third day, the snow sparkles like it is made of diamonds and the trees are decorated with snow garlands and orbs.

We catch a large group of boy scouts on the trail.  It is encouraging to see these youngsters out in the fresh air, exercising their bodies.

Art is hidden everywhere. We find snow art on the ski trail. Ordinary trees and snow create sculptures. Shadows produce delightful patterns on the snow.

Snow Art on the Pipestone Trail (photo by RM)

After we ski, we lunch in the Lake Louise Village and then head to the Chateau to ski on the lake. The tracks are quite icy in parts and I swear I could hear the water underneath. The sun is warm and invites a multitude of tourists to venture out onto snow covered ice. We ski almost to the end of the lake and turn to look back at the Chateau.

Skiing on Lake Louise in front of the Chateau

The day as been as good as it can be. Even though 18 km isn’t really that far to ski but it is only our 4th or 5th time out this year and we’re all pooped. One more crack at this XC stuff tomorrow and then we head home.


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