Paradise Taveuni Resort

Paradise Taveuni Resort……I think the resort is aptly named. It is an hour’s drive from the airport, half on paved road and half on very bumpy gravel road.

Our welcome sign outside our bure (room). We also had welcome foot rubs, as is the custom in Fiji. I applaud Murray for going along with it. I have super soft feet now!

Paradise TaveuniThe resort sits above the water where the breeze blows constantly. It is very different from the Volivoli architecturally and design wise. It is very open here, it feels like the guests are one big family, even though we each stay in our own bures. The dining area is open and small, but cozy and inviting.

Paradise Taveuni

The staff here is super friendly and everyone wants to learn our names. The view is incredible. So far, the food delicious. I think we will get used to being here very quickly.

Paradise Taveuni

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