Our Friends the Octopi

It is a day of octopi. The waters along Kona seem to team with the creatures as we see these eight legged friends on every dive.

Octopus kona

They are curious and will venture out of their hiding place to take a look at us divers taking a look at them. But if we get too close to some of them, they zip off in their aerodynamic form, changing colour on the run. One actually inked us as, unfortunately we must have scared him.

Octopus kona

Murray and I watch the one in the photo above for about five minutes. He’s content to sit outside on his rock, hang out with us and watch the fish swim by.

Kona octopus

The one above is very well camouflaged and blends into the rock nicely. He also ventured out, even with four, camera wielding, divers laying in a semi circle around him. My picture does not do his colouring justice, whereas Murray’s video shows his wonderful colouring. He is most likely studying us just as we were studying him, or maybe he is just thinking about breakfast.

The depth and the cold finally get to us, so we say goodbye to our friend the Octopus and head back towards the boat.

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