Off to Calgary!

We throw a few overnight things in bags, grab a quick lunch and we are out the door, off to Calgary. Tonight is the is opening reception and awards ceremony of a photo exhibit at the Jubilee Auditorium and Murray has a photo entered.

Murray and I enter photos in various photo contests and one of Murray’s photos has been chosen as a finalist in the Visual Arts Alberta Open Photo /Open Digital 2012 Contest. This is the first photo of ours that has garnered a place in an exhibit. We are excited to see the other 30 photos on display.

The drive is fast and I am surprised at how busy the highway is. Not much space to admire the changing colours as I have to keep my eyes on the ever changing and flowing traffic. We arrive in Calgary and make our way to my cousin’s house. We chat for bit, go for a short walk to stretch our legs and then head to the Pegasus Greek Restaurant for supper. The staff is very friendly, service is great. The keftedi, tsatsiki, dolmades and saganaki are tasty. We visit and eat and talk and drink.

At the Jubilee Auditorium, the exhibit is in the downstairs gallery. The photos are hung on the walls and we make our way slowly around, appraising each one. There is Murray’s photo! Munchies and complimentary wine, beer and pop are offered to the guests.  The artist’s all have name tags.  It is nice to see other artists attending as the crowd only numbers about 50 people.

After a short while, the awards are handed out. It is mentioned several times, that all the photos exhibited are winners and great and the fellow tasked with choosing the winners had a difficult time. We take a second and third look at the winning photos trying to discern what made them “winners”.  Lighting and subject matter. I am inspired by the photos and I now am looking forward to exploring light on our trip to Africa.

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