North and West

This weekend, Murray and I are both heading out of Edmonton. I am flying North to Grande Prairie and Murray is driving west to Golden and then is being helicoptered into a backcountry lodge.

Every year the group that Murray backcountry skis with plans a trip to one of the lodges high up in the mountains. They spend a week skiing, eating and sleeping in the winter wonderland before they pack up the ski gear for the summer. The lodge they are going to this time is called Amiskwi Backcountry Lodge and it is accessed from Golden. Check out their website to see what it is all about.

There are five folks going for the full week and another five are joining them midweek for a half week. The lodgers are responsible for their own food and keeping the lodge clean. Each person is responsible for preparing a number of breakfasts or suppers. Murray is busy planning the breakfasts that he will cook.  The kitchen is fully supplied with pots, dishes, etc and cleaning supplies. There are a number of bedrooms. Lodgers must bring their own sleeping bags, pillowcases and towels. There are two composting toilets inside. The lodge even has a sauna!

Luggage is kept to 40 lbs per person plus a pair of skis, so Murray has some packing and sorting to do to keep under that limit. With regular clothes, ski gear, backcountry pack and gear and food, he will be right on the limit.

While he is busy planning his trip, I am thinking of seeing my daughter. I will throw a few clothes in a knapsack and walk onto the plane for the one hour flight to Grande Prairie. M has a new dog so I get to meet Toby, go for lots of walks and catch up on the news with M.

We are traveling again, only this time we are going in different directions, North and West.

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