Myanmar Observations – Rivers and Lakes

Right from our first day in Myanmar, where we eat lunch sitting beside a waterway, to our last days in Yangon, rivers or lakes are a constant sight.

There are four large rivers flowing through Myanmar and a multitude of small rivers and creeks that feed them. We cross a number of creeks on our hike. We cross bridges in Mandalay and Yangon and Monywa. We drive through flooded creeks. We are never far away from water.

There are also a number of lakes, both large and small in Myanmar. The only lake we encounter is Inle Lake, which is the second largest in the country. We live on the lake for 3 days, traveling strictly by boat.

There is a large variety of boats on the rivers and lakes. From small fishing craft to large cargo barges to ocean going ships. They all have a purpose and many of them also provide permanent housing for the crew.


Unloading gravel onto the shore, near Bagan

The water itself is part of daily life. The rivers are dredged for the gravel. Irrigation water is sourced from lakes and rivers and these waters also provide fish for sustenance.


Public “ferry” type boat on Inle Lake

The rivers and lakes provide water for washing bodies and dishes and clothes. It is a play area for children and a way to keep cool for adults.

MyanmarWe enjoy watching the activity on the rivers, creeks and lakes and appreciate that these waterways are such an integral part of the way of life in Myanmar.

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