My Travel Purse Has Arrived!

I get in the door from my trainer appointment and Murray calls out “Quick, come see what arrived! Open your package!” With shoes and jacket still on, I open the package and there is my new travel purse from CourierWare. WOW! Looks great!

CourierWare Walking Bag stuffed with netbook, cords, camera, binos, 2 pairs of glasses and a shirt

It put it on and it feels pretty good. It is bigger than my old bag. I am surprised at how much bigger it is. It’s definitely big enough. The bag is stiff right now so it needs to be used and softened up.

Old Bag Size vs New Bag Size

Old Bag Size vs New Bag Size

It has all the pockets and features that I asked for, outside zippered front pockets, inside front pockets, inside secret back pocket, padded handle and shoulder pad.

I am excited to use my new travel purse. I added it to my packing pile on top of my suitcase. The old bag goes back into my closet.

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