Mistaya 2017 Day 1 Feb 12

Back again. 10 skiers a long way from civilization. I love this place. I’ve skied here enough I am familiar with the area so a quick study of the maps gives some of the folks that have never been here before a quick vision of the place.

The weather is almost perfect. The wind is a bit up but the temp is just below zero. The sun peaks out only once in a while but the vision is quite good. There are only a four of us that are Mistaya vets so I got to pick the spot and it is off the Whaleback.

The up track is reasonably easy, the snow is new, it’s deep but the skis only sink about 10 or 15 cm. The snow changes a few times on the way up. It is soft in the valley bottom, half way up it is dense, by the top the wind has made a crust, not scary break thru crust but definitely solid. Skiing down is not bad, the turns are tough but surely doable. 2 runs and we call it a day.

For our first afternoon it is a good start. For some of us it is the first runs of the year. Others have lots of days on skis but mostly touring and very few turns. But everybody has a good time and is really impressed with the variety and vastness of the terrain. It’s suppose to snow a bit in next few days and the temp is suppose to hold.

The future looks promising.

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