Mistaya 2017 Day 4 Feb 15

The weather is warm. Too warm for skiing but not ugly. We had a big day yesterday and I feel the remnants of it this morning. Didn’t want to get in over my head so J and I keep our destination close to the lodge and shortish hikes.


The skiing is good. The bit of new snow fills some of the tracks and we have a couple of good runs. As the day progresses my pack gets heavier and heavier. I make the decision to remove a few of the items I carry in case I get stuck in the boonies. Unless someone gets hurt and can’t make it back I don’t think there is much chance of getting stranded so I’m pretty sure I won’t be needing it so why carry it.

Back at the lodge I break out my daily ration of Coca Cola sit long enough to drink it and then start to empty out the pack. I got to the bottom of the bag and there is a sweater, thick socks, cold weather gloves and a bivy sack I think I can do without. The pack is still lbs. too heavy. I am going to think about a few other non critical items I can remove and make tomorrow just a little bit lighter.

Without the extra weight I may not notice my fatigue and make it an hour or two longer.

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