Minke Whale Day

Today our first two dives are at Lighthouse Bommie on Ribbon Reef #10. It is a known Minke whale stopping point, so there is some anticipation. During the first dive, the whale spotter does spot three Minke whales. By the time Murray and I surface, most of the other divers are snorkelling, all in a row on a line.

Minke whales are shallow swimmers. They do not dive really deep like other whales. They are also very social, and like to investigate snorkelers. They eat krill. Researchers are still trying to understand what brings them to the Great Barrier Reef every year. Perhaps mating, but no conclusive evidence has been found.

Minke whale

Murray and I quickly shed our BCDs, grab snorkels and slide into the water and take our place along the line. Two Minkes glide by followed by a lone one. They are smallish and very sleek. We wait and wait for them to come by again, and nothing happens. By this time I am getting too cold to stay in the water. We reluctantly get out.

Some time later, after we are both warm again, we realize that the boat is staying moored for an extra period of time, so we quickly suit up and slide into the water. No too many folks left in the water now, so the line is quite empty. We do not have to wait too long before a Minke whale swims by. Closer this time than the last ones that we saw. We are happy we got in the water again.

It is a great Minke Whale day.

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