Somehow even though there is no day light savings time on Bonaire Debbie and I managed to be 1 hour late for our appointed time to leave for diving this morning. So even though C had set up the truck and it was for the most part ready to go we still had to rush around. This is a sure recipe for disaster. It only took 15 mins. but we were together and out the door and we seemed to have all our gear.

In fact we did have all our gear. Go set up and head for the water. The swim to the buoy was quite far but we made it, dropped down to the sandy bottom and headed for deeper water. It was at this point I realize I did not have my camera on my wrist. Thinking it would be back in the truck, I made the executive decision to continue with the dive and leave the camera on the back seat.


Had a peaceful dive. Have been feeling quite relaxed in the water the last couple of days. In fact not having the camera was freeing. I was able to concentrate more and I found myself looking everywhere. It must have something to do with the restriction in the wrist.

Back on shore there is no camera on the back seat. First reaction is someone actually pinched it. But there was absolutely no other disruption of the stuff in the truck. Then I remembered thinking what a pain in the ass the camera was when trying to put on fins in 4 ft of water. I must not have tightened the wrist strap and the camera fell off somewhere between when I was putting on my fins and when we reached the buoy.


I had written the camera off but the group decide we should look for it. C and I walked the shallow water where we thought the wave action would have pushed something. Debbie donned her mask and fins and went out into the area where we had put on our fins. 20 mins of search, C and I had returned to our starting point and Debbie pops up out of the water camera in hand. I, for sure, let out a whoop.

Even though the camera is like a ball and chain it was good to carry the weight the next two dives. I would rather relieve my self of the burden by choice rather than default.

PS A note from Debbie….A few years ago I lost my prescription sunglasses in the surf in Kona. Murray found them in the shallows and it was a miracle! I have now paid back that debt by finding Murray’s camera. Karma paid back.


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