Jet Lag

It is the start of another bleary eyed day. The last 2 days have been brutal trying to switch our bodily clocks around.

I wake up at 3:30 am starving. I need an afternoon nap, but if I nap I don’t sleep.  I try to stay awake but am falling asleep in my chair at 7:00 pm. Make it stop!

India’s time is 12 hours different from Edmonton and that makes adjusting very difficult.  Some say that flying east is easier on your body than flying west. We started our trip flying east and had little trouble in India, we flew home west and recovering is a big problem.

Melatonin is supposed to help.  It is a natural hormone supplement that helps you fall asleep. I am starting to think that we should be taking this.

Last night I did resort to taking Sleepeeze – a mild sleeping pill obtained off the shelf.  I slept later and longer than the previous nights, and my head isn’t as foggy today as it has been.

It is also said that it takes 1 day to adjust for every time zone crossed.  So we are looking at 12 days to be fully recovered.  It is only day number 4 today, guess we have a few more days to go until we feel like ourselves again.

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