Here fishie fishie fishie

We woke up to a thunderous rain storm. The tin roof on our Bamboo Cabin didn’t help either. The thunder seemed to roll across the water forever. mmmm Is diving on or off today?

Turns out, it was on. Off we go in the rain (thankfully the lightning and thunder had ceased). There are 4 of us in our dive group, two Australians and us. T&M are quite nice, chatty and good divers. We head off to get our gear and then wade out to and jump into a dungee, The RockandRolla – a local boat that they use for diving. It’s a bit rickety, the diesel exhaust is nauseating, it’s very loud, and it’s slow. Our ride to the first dive site is 45 minutes.

We don’t really need to dive any more this week. Why, you ask? One of the first fish we saw was a clown fish in his anemone – NEMO!!! Then later we saw an octopus! A big octopus. I’m in heaven! And my new camera and housing are working just fine!

We ate Indian potato curry over rice and chapattis for lunch on the boat while we drove to our next dive site. It was a better lunch then we are used to on the Caribbean dive boats. Unfortunately, because of the cloud cover, it was a tad chilly (Mur’s comment: It was probably only 28C) – Debbie was shaking like a leaf while trying to eat.

Second dive – saw the grandfather of all green moray eels, tons of sea cucumbers and coloured fish galore.

We vegged out the rest of the afternoon, reading, blogging, loading pictures. We have to walk to Village #3 to post, so we won’t be posting every day.

PS – Sorry, no pics…Satellite internet here won’t handle loading the pics. We will keep posting when we can.

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