Tweega, in Swahili. Tall and lanky, sort of like a teenage basketball player, but more graceful. After observing them for some time we are amazed at how well they manage their long neck and skinny legs. They move in an elegant manner almost flowing over the landscape. Being as tall as they are, the giraffe are able to reach the highest and tastiest leaves. The tall acacia trees are the giraffe’s private feast. They do have a bit of trouble with the low stuff but can kneel down if need be. I understand they can run if necessary but generally the are not in a hurry to go anywhere.

blog giraffe2This giraffe below was chewing on some leaves and chewing and chewing. He swallowed and then….glup…..regurgitated the clump of cud and started chewing and chewing again. It is amazing that this ball of cud travels so far along the giraffe’s neck. He performed this regurgitation numerous times while we watched.

blog giraffe1

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