Getting our Money’s Worth

It is now 5 weeks since we got home from India and Bhutan.  Murray and I were talking the other day about how the trip is not just the 5 weeks we were away.  It is actually weeks worth of prep before hand, the 5 weeks away plus weeks after the trip.

Before the trip, we are arranging flights, researching and booking hotels and investigating interesting things to do in all the places we will go.  That is about 8 weeks of amusement.

We have spent the last 5 weeks fine tuning photos. It has taken much work to cull the pictures down to about 850 for the “long” slide show (our own chronological reference of our trip) and to about 350 for the “short” slide show that we show our friends. We also culled again for photos to post on the blog.  And we are in the process of printing the best photos to frame and display in the house.

After the trip we also reviewed our packing lists, made a scrap book of all the memorabilia collected and discussed the trip with our friends and family.

If we add all these weeks up, the trip extended over about 18 weeks. That is loads of entertainment for the cost.

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