Galapagos, finally

With all that has been happening we have not be posting step by step travel plans for a trip to the Galapagos Islands. Part of the original reasons for starting the blog was to help people figure out how to plan their own trips without having to rely on “professional” to do the work that is easy enough for anyone with the internet.

It all started last June at a bike race. I had volunteered to be a marshal at one of the road intersections of the time trail of a local stage race. I was paired with a paramedic from Fort McMurray. Our conversation covered many subjects but the one that struck home was about her recent trip to the Galapagos. She was gushy about the whole experience. The piece that caught my ear was the snorkeling. She mentioned getting in the water in an area where the baby seals were at play, and being curious beasts the wanted her to join in. They swam close, bumped into her and grabbed her fins. I came home with that story and Debbie said ‘We’re going’. That was that.

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