Diving with the Spirit of Freedom

We board the Spirit of Freedom today with 24 other divers. This is the first time on a dive boat with more than 16 divers. First impressions-it is crowded, too crowded. More later.

There is a lot of talk when first on a dive boat. There is a boat briefing, a safety briefing, introductions, dive paperwork to fill out, dive gear to set up, lunch, and then two dives, both with briefings. Lots of talk. It is now 6:30 pm and we have just showered and dressed after the second dive. Supper soon.

Like I said, the boat is crowded. The dive deck is very congested. Six divers per side all trying to gear up at the same time. Not much elbow room. Once in the water, the ocean feels crowded. There are only three dive masters/instructors for the 26 people, so if we want to follow one, we are following 4 or 5 divers, which we did as we need to get our bearings. We are used to diving with very few folks so this is quite a change for us.

Okay, now the bright side…..FISH!!!

In the two dives we have seen fish we have never seen before! I do not take my camera down today so I can concentrate on diving, so no photos. Tomorrow, I shoot. We see a HUGE balloon fish, small ray, a couple of turtles, all sorts of unfamiliar coloured fish, both small and large.

Tomorrow we go to where the Minke Whales happen by. Fingers crossed.

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