Diving Dumb Rock

Last dive today and it was a good one. The site was Dumb Rock near Pinzon Island. The water was the clearest it has been anywhere, not cold as it could be and not a big current. The goals were to find the Red Lipped Batfish, locate a sea horse or two and see what was up in the cleaning station around the corner.

seahorseDive to the sand bottom found two or ten Batfish. Check. Travel towards the wall part of the dive find two sea horses. Check. Sneak over the top of the wall find oh so many turtles in to the cleaning station to be deloused or whatever. Then during our safety stop two sea lions decided they would come over to see what all the fuss was about. The dive master started to play with them and they found it to be great fun and joined in. When we reached the surface the sea lions followed and Debbie found a couple of play mates. We were busy taking off our gear and she is out in the water cavorting with a couple of aquatic acrobats.

It was a good dive.

King Angelfish

King Angelfish

Later on board the mother ship I was on the bridge talking with the captain and one of the crew stuck his head in the door and said baby hammerhead. R, a fellow diver and I jumped out side and stood at the railing watching a miniature giant swimming about very near the surface a few feet from the boat.

giant tortoiseThe last full day ended with our first view of the giant tortoise in the highlands of Santa Cruz. Tomorrow we disembark and are land based for the next few of days.

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