Dive 400

Today is dive 400 for me. A milestone, one that pales to some of the divemasters that lead our group. I didn’t really remember it was an auspicious dive until I sat down to do my log this evening. The dive itself was a good dive but not one in the special category.


Our first day at the south of the island, the place where most of the divers come. The dive sites are for the most part in a marine reserve. The coral is in good shape, the sponges and like are colorful and big, there is plenty of wildlife but for the most part are the ususal Caribbean suspects. Our dive master did point out one very big crab under a ledge.


The last stop on the coast does confirm one thing. The dive companies here have yet to do the pamper the diver service. After diving else where in the world and even in the more popular resorts in the Caribbean we have been spoiled. Never having to lug gear, always having the BCD tranfered to a new tank at the end of the first dive, someone rinsing our equipment and storing it at the end of the day. Here each company has its own routine but not one of them covers the complete service. The office and gear storage facilities are adequate but not top of the line. On Dominica this is a budding industry, even though it has been around for 20+ years, and it has a way to go before it matches most of the rest of the world. No problem of course, I am still capable of dealing with my gear from the start of a dive to the storage, it is just one gets lazy.


The crew here is in no hurry. The boat, a very big boat has only the 4 of us on board and we leave the dock when it is ship shape. So just sit in the bar and wait for a while, we will leave soon enough. Post 9.30 and we set off. 2 dives and a fast trip to the dock and it is 2pm. Late start, late finish. This puts us behind the 8 ball as far as our hike is concerned.

The hike today, Trafalgar Falls. Short walk with 2 spectacular waterfalls to view. It is possible to swim in the pool but there is some major bolder climbing to be done and we opt out. We’ll find a place tomorrow.

It is a long day and we head back to the room to chill. Onward and upward to 500.


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