Dehydrator 1, Debbie 3

Fortunately, I do have success with the dehydrator to offset the chicken disaster.

Success #1 – Dahl (or Daal) – Murray and I really like Dahl, something we learned to eat while in India. On rice or with naan (Murray) or rice tortillas (Debbie). I prepare Dahl one day and we have it for supper. The next morning (see, I learn) I measure out 1 cup and spread it on plastic wrap on a tray in the dehydrator and turn it on. In about 4 hours, it is dry and starting to crumble. I take it out, let it cool and bag it.

The next day, I rehydrate it. Mistake #2 – Always put in LESS water than you think you should! It turns into soupy Dahl but it rehydrates just fine and I cook the excess water off. Yummy! Dahl is coming with us to the West Coast Trail.

Success #2 – I dehydrate a fajita filling mixture made with beef strips, red peppers, salsa and some spices. After about 6 hours, the beef was bendy but dry looking. When I rehydrate it, I still do not let it soak long enough, but it is chewable. Note to self: 3 – 4 hours prior to heating, start rehydrating.

Success #3 – I dehydrate cherry tomatoes cut in half. After about 3 hours, they are still moist in the center, so I think they should be dehydrated slightly longer. They are delicious! These are a definite YES to take backpacking to add some tang to supper. the next time I do tomatoes, I leave them in for about 6 hours and they are drier.

Dehydrator 1, Debbie 3

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