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We are heading to the West Coast in a couple of days.  Murray’s aunt is turning 100 years old next weekend and we are going out to Victoria to help celebrate.  The next weekend R is throwing a “PhD” Party for D in Canmore that we would not miss for the world. We are also stopping in Kelowna so I can participate in the Kelowna’s Pushor Mitchell Apple Triathlon.

We decided to camp (and ride our bikes) along the way.    We load up our vehicle with all sorts of stuff, including the kitchen sink, and head out the door. This spells ROAD TRIP!

Our car camping packing list is now posted as a page under the Packing Lists Menu item.

Over the last 4 or 5 days, we have been using the list to slowly gather our camping gear and all the other stuff we will need for the trip. Basic camp stuff, plus nicer clothes for the 2 parties, plus bikes, plus my triathlon gear. The house has pockets of stuff everywhere.

I have a new vehicle since we last car camped and took our bikes, so it will be interesting to see if everything fits into this vehicle.  We purchased a RAV4 partially due to the size of the back cargo area, with the seats down.  Our bikes fit into the back without having to take the front wheels off.  Murray likes having the bikes inside so they are not subjected to the weather.

We do have a Thule box for the top of the vehicle which is indispensable for us, especially when traveling with the bikes. It carries most of the soft stuff plus the stove and lawn chairs.

We also have a bike rack for the top of the vehicle, which sits beside the box.  We will only use it if we cannot get both bikes and the necessary camping gear inside the cargo area.

I am always amazed at how much we cram into the vehicle to go car camping.  A totally different concept than traveling with carry on bags only.

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