Boo Hoo

Boo Hoo. It is time to leave. Today we get in the boat for the last time. Our dive master has a cold and his son, Dennis, is our new leader. He gives us the choice of where we want to dive. We choose San Fransisco and Punta Tunich.

IMG_6683 (439x640)

We say goodbye to the flora. To the fans and tubes and feather dusters and corals.

IMG_6722 (469x640)We say goodbye to the fish. Goodbye to the tiggerfish, angelfish, lion fish, filefish and trunkfish.

IMG_6699 (640x507)We say goodbye to the turtles and the eels and the one spotted eagle ray we see. Adios to the deep blue, the sandy bottom, the warm waters.

Adios to Cozumel. Boo Hoo

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